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If she is in love with her alpha male boyfriend or husband, she will often imagine him.

However, if she is with a lower ranking male who doesn’t make her feel the type of attraction she really wants to feel, she will imagine other men instead.

Generally speaking, most people accept that he will get the hottest women, get promoted at work and achieve whatever he puts his mind to.

Women open themselves up to him, guys follow his lead and the world generally gets out of his way as he heads towards the goals that he wants to achieve.

He knows that he is more than good enough for women to like him and for men to respect him. He bases his confidence on how he thinks, not on how others might think.

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I see this happening often because I help guys to get an ex girlfriend, fiance or wife back.

What do those details reveal about the men inside hedge funds?

To find out, Institutional Investor combed through all ten gigabytes of Ashley Madison users’ profiles and pickup lines, looking for traits shared by self-identified hedge fund professionals.

Click here to start the slideshow, and see ten not-so-shining examples, unrated and unedited for grammar.

The life of an alpha male is usually easier and less stressful than the life of a lower ranking male (e.g. Women want him, guys respect him and he goes after what he wants with confidence, determination and an expectation that he will succeed.

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    Is it attracting the interest of couch potatoes, the chronically ill or the guys just looking for a little action?