Courtship dating lyrics song meanings

Choctaw Ridge, Carroll County, Tupelo, and the Tallahatchie Bridge all exist in real life.

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" "You can hae your silken goon Wi' nine stripes up and nine stripes doon For I'll never gang wi' you m'dear, I'll never gang wi' you." "I'll buy you a nine stringed bell Tae call yer maid when'er you will If ye'll gang alang wi' me m'dear, if ye'll gang alang wi' me?

His death is just a source of idle dinnertime gossip.

The most common theory is that Billy Joe and the narrator were indeed involved in some degree of romantic / sexual relationship that was kept hidden from the narrator's family because the father strongly disliked Billy Joe.- Talking to the narrator at church the Sunday prior.

Some have gone even further and speculated that because the child was unwanted, it was aborted in some haphazard fashion, with the remains then quietly tossed off the bridge to hide the evidence.

I've heard some point to the relevance of the "child, what's happened to your appetite" line as a subtle key to this.

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