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Universal suffrage was introduced, so that women and servants could also vote.While since 1849 there had been elections by majority vote in single constituencies, in 1918 an electoral system was introduced combining proportional representation with elections in individual constituencies.In addition, the globalization of the art market means greater mobility of artworks as they are displayed at fairs and exhibitions around the world.This means artworks are subject to complex logistical operations with pieces transported and handled by various fine art logistics companies, exhibitors and other custodians.

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In 1848, a Prussian-inspired revolt in Schleswig-Holstein ended without a victor, but in 1864, Schleswig-Holstein and Lauenburg were lost in a new war with Prussia.Despite these major territorial losses, Denmark prospered economically in the 19th century and underwent further reforms.In 1849, King Frederick VII (1848-63) authorized a new constitution instituting a representative form of government, as well as wide-ranging social and education reforms.As a result, artwork conservation and monitoring is become ever more necessary to assess condition, before, during and after logistical operations.We offer a wide range of specialized services to meet the unique requirements of the art market.

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