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The country's other major cities include Vlorë, Sarandë, Shkodër, Berat, Korçë, Gjirokastër and Fier.Albania is in the southwestern portion of the Balkan Peninsula, bordered by Montenegro to the northwest, Kosovo to the northeast, the Republic of Macedonia to the east, and Greece to the south and southeast.We are proud to present it to you—our vineyards, the winery, and the wine—and we invite you to taste it, where it was produced.Read more about our wines and rakis Our winery consists of several vineyards, a winery, the family's house, and a wine presentation and tasting room.Albania is a democratic and developing country with an upper-middle income economy.The service sector dominates the country's economy, followed by the industrial and agriculture sector.The country experienced widespread social and political transformations in the communist era, as well as isolation from much of the international community.In the aftermath of the Revolutions of 1991, the Socialist Republic was dissolved and the fourth Republic of Albania was established.

After the defeat of Nazi Germany, a Communist state titled the People's Socialist Republic of Albania was founded under the leadership of Enver Hoxha and the Party of Labour.

Our facilities are open for tours and events by scheduled appointment. The winery is located in the historic region of Berat, in south-central Albania.

Berat is a UN World Heritage Site, and has been continuously inhabited for the previous 2,400 years.

In the late thirteenth century, Charles of Anjou conquered the Albanian territories from the Byzantines and established the medieval Kingdom of Albania, extending from Durrës along the coast to Butrint in the south.

In the mid-fifteenth century, it was conquered by the Ottomans.

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