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That will take you back to the original version of HOMMII and still allow you to use the enhanced editor. -Make sure the patch is in the same directory as HOMM II before installing. -No, see 6.12 5.17 I summon an element to protect a resource but it doesn't work.

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If that doesn't work, try selecting midi music from the HOMM II configuration screen. -Assuming you are using Win95, its a Direct X problem.

3) Here you can make a Room (Click on "Create Room"), call it whatever you want but it would probably be a good idea to put "HOMM2" somewhere in the title.

Once people join the room, you can chat (either VOICE or keyboard) and agree on a game.

-At the beginning of the game, click on the glowing, unmarked door on the left and you'll see a series of sceen shots for NWC's next episode of the RPG series. -Check out IRC channel #HOMM2 and Holliane Holmes' HOMM II web page at out: Square/Arcade/6470/ 4.5 Why can't I do anything when other players are taking their turn? Another program, based on the same principles as Kali, is Kahn. -see section 5.5 4.8 Is it possible for two human players to join forces and share resources? However, [email protected] found a hack that will allow you to do this: "You have to hex edit one of the included team maps, to make it editable in the Map editor. Then edit the map so that the team players can both/all be human or computer.

3.4 What language is the Opera music and where can I buy a CD of it? All the music, including the opera, is original works commissioned for the game and is only available on the game. I thought that a simultaneous turn option was going to be allowed? 4.6 Can I play over the Internet using the Dos version of HOMM II? The only thing you have to worry about, is that if you take a team members mine, any computer team members will start taking your resources, and maybe attack you." 4.9 Can I play HOMM II over Mplayer? "Ok, here is how you can play Heroes of Might & Magic II through Mplayer.

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