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source: Naomi may become Bond girl James Bond bosses are lining up Naomi Watts to be a Bond girl - after being thrilled by her performance in 'King Kong'.

The producers of new 007 film 'Casino Royale' were so impressed by the screen beauty's portrayal of Anne Darrow in the blockbuster they now want her to star opposite Daniel Craig - the latest actor to don the famous tux.

Some are brazen enough to openly brandish their cameras, like old Western gunslingers.

They may be hated, but their work -- candid pictures of celebs in unguarded moments -- is coveted.

And as the public hunger for such glossy grist has grown they've become ever more relentless and ruthless.

But starting January 1, there'll be some new reins on the paparazzi parade.

They are the paparazzi, purveyors of pix that are the lifeblood of the weekly star-tracking mags and tabs.

If Angelina is pregnant, Jennifer will just have to suck it up, deal with it and move on. If Angelina is pregnant, Jennifer will just have to suck it up, deal with it and move on. Call me cruel, but I don't feel bad for Jennifer..I don't hate Brad.

The cop is currently under investigation for misconduct.

The officer left Longoria outraged when he accused her of making derogatory racial comments about him.

Quintana, a Los Angeles events producer, claims his feud with Paris heated up during an after-party for the American Music Awards. Nightlife herself ordered security at Club Privilege to remove all of Niarchos' pals from the club," Quintana was quoted by the New York Post, as saying. We've been saying it for weeks and now the bible of celebritydom is chiming in, Us Weekly says that Angelina Jolie is sperminated!

A "business associate" of Ange's, according to the pub, "is telling people that Angelina is pregnant." Adds another source, "One of Angelina's friends got drunk one night and bragged about knowing." Even Brad Pitt's rep, Cindy Guagenti, who just a few short weeks ago was confirming that Dad Brad was adopting Maddox and Zahara, refused to give a statement, syaing cryptically, "I'm not commenting on Brad's personal life." No need! Source: me cruel, but I don't feel bad for Jennifer..I don't hate Brad.

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    In June 2010 Park began his official acting career by appearing in the Japanese Bee TV mobile drama Beautiful Love ~君がいれば~ (Beautiful Love ~If you were here ~) as Young-soo, the runaway heir of a conglomerate.

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