Non jewish woman dating a jewish man

Avi spent three years in IT Consulting, and is a matchmaker, JMag columnist (JDate Magazine), and is currently a graduate student in New York City.

Reading your book I was wondering who’s the bigger idiot – the lady needing to be told to “only bother with men who are into you”, or the guy needing the boost of dates that “make him look like a stud muffin! You’d think women would automatically know to let men come after them, but unfortunately, they don’t.

But chances are that marrying Jewish will lead to at least one more generation of Jews and that maybe someone in the next generation will get the chance to do these things and make a big stink (like I did! If any Jewish person reading this – married, unmarried, inter-married, or about to get intermarried – hasn’t tried any of the things on my list but would like to, shoot me an email.

We may have never met, but I already feel connected to you.

The roles of women and men in today’s society are blurred.

Women are brought up to “go for it” and to be aggressive in their educational and work lives.

I am from a different world, a different religion, and when I say different, I mean it…

For her it was about Jewish continuity, but since she didn’t raise us with lives too full of Jewish practice, it left me wondering what exactly she hoped we would pass on to the next generation by marrying “in.” The ability to use words like correctly? I think ultimately it came down to rooting for the underdog to her. And while there’s something to that – while in the worst case scenario, I’d want our people to go on existing even if we’d completely forgotten what made us Jewish in the first place – this is not my reason for feeling sad about that picture any more.

Which, of course, is an odd way to feel about a picture of strangers unless it’s a picture of someone suffering somehow, which it wasn’t.

No, the picture that made me sad was of a wedding, which is even odder, since wedding pictures generally elicit positive feelings from most normal human beings – a grouping which I often include myself in! Because it was of a Jewish guy marrying a non-Jewish girl. While technically I know that other people’s lives – especially people I have never met, and will probably never meet – are separate from my own, there is something that makes me feel connected to every single Jew in the world – past, present, and future – even the ones who don’t consider themselves Jewish.

Thanks so much for your blog and explaining orthodox life in everyday language. It has sincerely strengthened the relationship between me and my mother. Its been difficult to explain to my parents why I love Judaism & why I choose to follow certain laws now, however, JITC has been a great medium of explaining the Jewish faith that we never truly understood. I tend to have a hard time hearing ‘the laws’ and the ‘shoulds’ and the ‘musts’…but I have to say, your wit and humor in getting these messages across got me listening.

I watched every video on Youtube and immensely enjoyed each one. Thanks for doing the work you are doing; Jew in the City is definitely on to something BIG.

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