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overstimulated women’s delicate nerve fibers and led to nymphomania.” They were so worried about these delicate nerve fibers that “one critic even feared that the use of the speculum itself might so excite a woman’s passions that it could cause nymphomania” (Carol Groneman, Nymphomania A History).

Here is some handy advice from a website called midlifebachelor.com: “Get what you can out of your relationship with a nymphomaniac woman – and be prepared to cut your losses in a hurry, and move on…

provides straightforward (and nonjudgmental) advice for “men and women of all walks of life who struggle with addictions to pornography, masturbation, cybersex, and similar sexual practices.” There are also sites specifically for women.

“is a Christian anti-pornography ministry created to help women struggling with pornography addiction.” Hinduism According to filmmaker and sex addict (his 2006 film is called “I Am A Sex Addict”) Caveh Zahedi,“There’s the idea in Hinduism of a negative path to God… And arguably sin is a better path because you learn more deeply what it is you’re dealing with.

Famous sex researcher Dr Alfred Kinsey, rather cheekily, described a nymphomaniac as “someone who has more sex than you” (health23.com); however, sex addiction is a serious matter.

Is it because a woman who is unable to control her sexual desires is more exciting or more newsworthy than a man with the same problem?

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