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Mrs Pearce, who is looking to find a new school for her daughter, said: "This school needs to change; I'm still in shock.It stemmed from a phone call Paige took from a friend asking her to tell the teacher she was running late because of bus problems.Mrs Pearce said: "A teacher told my daughter to give her the phone or she’d go to reflection. I had to go and find out the truth as she was going to be punished for trying to do a good deed." Mrs Pearce went into a room with two teachers - one male and one female - and Paige.Mrs Pearce, from Rushenden, claims the teachers followed her and insulted her as she was trying to leave."I turned to say if this is the attitude this is why the school is failing." It was then she turned around sharply and collided with a teacher. I had to push her off me and told her to back off of me," she said.

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