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The two outstanding buildings in the city are Kilkenny Castle, and St. As well as its built heritage, Kilkenny has an outstanding written record.

The Tholsel on High Street is our city hall and houses a marvellous collection of documents from the 13th century to the present day.

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A Brief History of Kilkenny City Four hundred years ago, James I, King of England granted Kilkenny a charter conferring on it the status of a city, with the title of Mayor for its chief citizen.

1244 The bishop of Ossory gives the Dominicans of the Black Abbey the right to draw water from St.Lord Mountjoy has Walter Archer, Sovereign of Kilkenny imprisoned.1616 Three mayors of Kilkenny removed from office in turn for not taking the oath of Supremacy.Time Line for Kilkenny City 11th and 12th centuries St. Cill Chainnigh the centre of power in Kingdom of Osraighe. Canice adopted as Cathedral of diocese of Ossory 1169 Robert Fitz Stephen and Meiler Fitz Henry land at Bannow Bay to help Diarmaid Mac Murchadha recover the kingdom of Leinster.After capturing Wexford, they make their first raid into Osraighe 1172 Strongbow builds a wooden motte and bailey castle at Kilkenny 1189 William Marshall marries Strongbow’s daughter Isabel and becomes Lord of Leinster 1205 Start of work on Cathedral of St. Mary’s Church 1207 William Marshall, Earl of Pembroke, gives Kilkenny its first charter as a town. John’s Priory built by William Marshall 1225 Black Abbey founded by William Marshall the younger 1231 St. 1231 it was ordained and established by assent of the community of Kilkenny that at every feast of St.

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