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I approached David about the work and he agreed saying he could use the extra money.I loved having him around and always made sure I looked nice and sometimes I couldn’t help myself and I’d flirt with him ever so slightly and I did catch him a number of times checking me out.When he is not working he is more interested in spending time with our two children than with me.We have sex at most once a month, sometimes going up three or four months without having sex.With the biggest smile on his face he told me not to be embarrassed and I tried to play dumb.He told me, “Rachel, we can go inside and I’ll show you the site.About a year ago I joined a swing site, I guess with the hopes that I could talk my husband into letting me fuck other men or meet other couples to swap with, but I never had the courage to tell my husband about the site.

My husband has a very good job but does work long hours and even when he is home he often works.My neighbor’s 22 year old son (David) from down the block had a profile with face pictures.I’ve known him since he was 14 and he has turned out to be a very sexy guy.We talked a lot and I opened up to him about how unfilled my sex life was and about how my husband ignored me, but I never gave him any details that he’d know it was me, in fact I’d say a few things to throw him off.He’d webcam for me and let me watch him masturbate, which I loved.

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