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Daiga aiziet no tēva un apprecas ar Jurģi, bet Grēve kāzu dienā nolemj likt lietā savu arsenālu...

pasaules kara laikiem Vecrīgas pazemē palikusi vācu sprāgstvielu noliktava.

Under the First French Empire and the Second French Empire, the navy was designated as the Imperial French Navy (la Marine Française Depuis).

During the American Revolutionary War the French Navy played a decisive role in supporting the Americans.The convoy escaped unharmed and the sailors were paraded in triumph in the streets of Paris, though the losses sustained during the battle would prove crippling in the following years and ensure the domination of the Royal Navy.In the Mediterranean, the French Navy waged a naval campaign during a 1798 French invasion of Egypt.In India, Suffren waged campaigns against the British (1770–1780), successfully contending for supremacy against Vice-Admiral Sir Edward Hughes.On 1 June 1794, a fleet under Admiral Villaret Joyeuse fought the Third Battle of Ushant to prevent the Royal Navy from destroying a large convoy, inbound from the United States, that transported grain to a starving France.

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