Statistics on dating abuse

Emotional abuse may include isolating a dating partner by trying to control the time they spend with friends and family, limiting the activities someone is involved in, or humiliating a dating partner through social sabotage.Sometimes abusers use technology—texting, calls, instant messages, or social networking sites—to check up on a partner and try to control their behavior.The Teen Power and Control Wheel visually depicts the range of strategies that an abuser may use to gain and maintain power over a dating partner.Teen Power and Control wheel TDV is a lot more common than most people realize.Constant texts asking where you are, who you are with, what you are doing, what you are wearing, etc, are designed to limit social interactions and friendships outside of the dating relationship.Boundaries and privacy: Though electronic forms of communication may seem more casual than talking in person, these forms of communication can be permanently recorded and have the same “real world” consequences.Examples of this include constant texting, social network surveillance and even video monitoring.

Digital abuse includes the use of cell phones, messaging, social networks or the internet to harm, control, harass, manipulate, intimidate, monitor or embarrass another person.Let your kids know that their digital boundaries should closely mirror their in-person boundaries.Basically, if you wouldn’t say that or show that in person, don’t do it online!We have more information on talking to your kid about teen dating violence .While it’s scary to think that your child may be experiencing violence, it can be devastating to wonder if your child is hurting someone else.

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