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While at the university, he worked as a music teacher and made his first major attempt at composition with the cantata Das klagende Lied.

The work was entered in a competition where the jury was headed by Johannes Brahms, but failed to win a prize.

He was best known during his own lifetime as one of the leading orchestral and operatic conductors of the day.

He has since come to be acknowledged as among the most important late-Romantic/early-Modernist composers, although his music was never completely accepted by the musical establishment of Vienna while he was still alive. Gustav Mahler was born into a German-speaking, Ashkenazic Jewish family in Kaliště (in German, Kalischt), Bohemia, then in the Austrian Empire, today in the Czech Republic.

From 1893 to 1896, Mahler took summer vacations at Steinbach am Attersee in Upper Austria, where he revised and edited his Symphony No. In 1897 Mahler, then 37, was offered the directorship of the Vienna State Opera, the most prestigious musical position in the Austrian Empire.

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In 1887, he took over conducting Wagner's Der Ring des Nibelungen from an ill Arthur Nikisch, firmly establishing his reputation among critics and public alike.

The year after, he made a complete performing edition of Carl Maria von Weber's unfinished opera Die drei Pintos, the success of which brought financial rewards and contributed to his gradually growing fame.

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